How well do you know your Colwyn Bay?

How observant are you?

There are numerous architectural byegones dotted around Colwyn Bay which take the form of either raised sandstone plaques carved with the date of construction of a building, or, the name of the company which date plaquetraded there, or, a foundation stone showing when the construction of a building started, or a clue as to what the building was/is used for, or just an ornamental piece of carved masonry to suit the idiosyncracy of the architect, builder or owner of the building. Whatever they were for they are a legacy of superb carving and decorative skills which can barely be matched or copied these days, not forgetting the fact that they were mostly carved by hand, and also they tell the story of the Victorian influence on our town.

Just take a look at this one


Fantastic carving and so well preserved considering that it is over 100 years old

But where is it?

And how many more of these following masonry and ironwork sculptures can you identify? Here`s a clue! They are all positioned somewhere on buildings in either Colwyn Bay or Old Colwyn and are current, that is until some developer decides it`s time to pull another building down to make way for a block of flats!

The thumbnail photos below will take you through to larger images where you may guess where they are and then scroll through to an answer where I have tried to explain some detail about them

Enjoy your trip around Colwyn Bay in 2006

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Below are some unusual pictures of Colwyn Bay, some from the past, some from the present but all of them telling a story about the history of our town. I hope that you find them interesting and informative and maybe if you have a picture of your own which tells a story perhaps you may like to display it on this page. If so do contact me via the email link on the home page.

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The Rhosneigr Maen yr Hensor stones The Viaduct at A547

The Weir at Rhos The old Jetty Maen Rhys stones at Eirias Park area

An artist impression of the old Penmaenhead Old map of Colwyn Bay

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