Thomas Roberts and Nora Annie Williams

As I have at last discovered quite a bit more about Grandfathers brother, I have started this page to talk about him. When the family lived with Mary Hannah Whitfield in Abertanat Hall farm, Llanyblodwel, and where Thomas Roberts our Great Grandfather was bailiff the census shows all the family present there in 1881 and Thomas the eldest son born 1868 at age 13. As Grandfather Walter Wynn Roberts was born in 1879 -- 11 years later it would be reasonable to assume that after the family moved to Llanystumdwy around 1885 that Grandfather would not ever meet his elder brother again as he was by then in Dartford.

As previously mentioned, Thomas married Nora Annie Williams in Lewisham in 1889 and they had children Nora Annie born 1890 Bromley,High Street, Dartford in the fifties Etty born 1892 in Dartford, George Thomas born 1894 in Dartford, Jack born 1896 in Dartford and William born 1900 in Dartford. There may well be more children but I can`t get the baptisms as they attended the Congregational church and because of this it is difficult to locate them.

Details are still quite sketchy but as I continue my research into this family I will record it but meantime this page will be very much - under construction.
I do know that Nora Annie Roberts, Thomas`s wife died in 1947 at the age of 80 and she is buried in Watling The chapel to the burial place of Nora Annie Roberts in Bexley HeathStreet Cemetery in Bexley Heath, Dartford. Thomas her husband is not there with her so another search is ongoing. I suspect that Thomas went to live with one of the sons or daughters after his wife died and therefore is buried elsewhere.

I have found son George Thomas Roberts in 1922 and he is married to Mary Teresa Spaul who was born in Stone in Dartford the daughter of William John Spaul who was born in Costessey, Norfolk. George states on his marriage certificate that he is a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy and that his residence at the time of his marriage is the RN barracks, Chatham. I have found one son born 1923 in Dartford and he is named Thomas William Roberts - named after his grandfather. Now this man is the first cousin of our father Walter Stanley Roberts and second cousin to us kids!.

Another mystery is in the making as I can`t find any more children after 1923 to George Thomas and Mary Teresa for at least ten years after the birth of their first child and I can`t find a death for either of the parents for the same period so either they didn`t have any more children or that I am now of a mind to presume that they have emigrated.

The Australian connection

Australian flagIf they have emigrated then there is a strong case for Australia as the destination for the simple reason that Thomas`s wife Mary Teresa`s Uncle (fathers brother) had emigrated there to Melbourne as had her sister Eliza Kate. The problem Australian is how to find them and although there are many finding aids on the internet it remains that Australia is a very large area to search. Melbourne may be a good starting point.

We shall see!!

Stop Press.16th. October 2006
Following some serious Australia research and a deal of help from some good Aussie researcher friends I have a result!!

I am delighted to have found a reference to a death index which states the following:

Registration number1016/1943 Last name = ROBERTS Given names = GEORGE THOMAS Fathers name = THOMAS WILLIAM Mothers name = ANNIE NORA District = BANKSTOWN

which in simple terms means that George Thomas and Mary Teresa Roberts did emigrate to Australia and New South Wales in particular, probably entering via Sidney. Bankstown is a suburb of Sidney. Sadly George died relatively young and at the age of only 49. Mary Teresa outlived him by just over thirty years as may be seen by her details.

Registration number = 8147/1975 Last name = ROBERTS Given names = MARY TERESA Fathers name WILLIAM JOHN Mothers name = KATE

I have now sent for their death certificates which will hopefully provide more information as to their whereabouts.
Mary Teresa`s Uncle James Spaul born in Costessey, Norfolk in 1857 also did a runner to Australia and he was a Blacksmith (as were many of the Spaul family) in Yancannia. He married Mary Lamb Wise in 1890 in Wagga Wagga NSW and he died 10th. November 1944 in Uranquity NSW. In Australian mileage terms not such a long way away from Bankstown, Sydney.

Mary Teresa`s ancestral village

George Thomas and Mary Teresa Roberts had two children (that I am aware of) who were Thomas William Roberts born in Dartford in 1922 and presumably emigrated with them and Pattie Teresa and I know that Pattie was born c1925. The name Pattie is interesting as Grandad Walter Wynn Roberts`s sister Martha 1878 - 1954 was always known as Pattie and she was also Thomas William Roberts`s sister, so would George Thomas, who is Thomas William`s son have known this or is it sheer coincidence that they are named the same? I reckon he knew!

Map of Chester Hill and surrounding areaMore information has emerged on Mary Teresa via a transcription of her death certificate from the NSW archives. From approximately the year of her husband George`s death in 1943 she lived at 87, Campbell Hill Road, Chester Hill NSW and she died there in 1975. She is buried in Liverpool cemetery NSW

Pattie Teresa Roberts married Arthur Edward Ernst in the registration district of Ashfield in the year 1944 and until I can make contact with our Australian cousins I know little more of them except that Arthur Edward Ernst died on the 6th. of December 1984, Chester Hill, aged 64 which puts his birth year at 1920 and Pattie Teresa died on the 10th. January 1999, Chester Hill, aged 74 which puts her birth year at 1925. Both Pattie and George were born in Australia.

The obituary notice Obituary notice for Mary Teresa Roberts formerly Spaul for Mary Teresa reveals that there are quite a number of Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren around. Whether they are still in the area of Chester Hill remains to be seen. I am presuming that the children mentioned in the obituary are from both of George and Mary`s children. At present I have a search ongoing for descendants of Arthur Edward and Pattie Teresa Ernst but I know also that there must be descendants of Thomas William Roberts - what happened to him, and were there any more children to George Thomas and Mary Teresa Roberts? I know that I will have answers to these questions before I am very much older!

I have to say that the Internet searching facilities in Australia are second to none in my opinion and in less than two weeks I have found out so much about our Australian part of the family which will be revealed - SOON!

TO BE CONTINUED .................................................................................................


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