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George Thomas Roberts 1894-1943 and Mary Teresa Spaul 1890 - 1975

This is a page I have dedicated to George and Mary. It has taken me a long time to find them but well rewarded by the `content` in his life. George is Grandfather Walter Wynn Roberts`s nephew and both born at a time when they would become eligible for enlistment into the armed forces and subsequently WW1.

George born April 3rd. 1894 started his working life in Dartford around the age of 14 as a cycle repairer and then at the age of 16 he enlisted as a boy

sailor for 12 years in the Royal Navy. His first posting was to the naval training depot in Devonport called HMS Ganges.
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1910 August. HMS Tenedos III (ex HMS Ganges) towed from Chatham to Devonport to become part of HMS Indus training establishment for boys. Whilst under tow she broke adrift on 24th January off the Royal Sovereign Light, but was secured again and sustained no damage.
1910 13th August. Admiralty orders HMS Tenedos III (ex HMS Ganges) to be renamed HMS Indus V.
1913 Ex Caroline, ex HMS Ganges renamed Powerful III and left Shotley for Devonport.

What I determined from Georges records is that he served on the following ships:
Also at certain times in his career he had trained as a diver, passed numerous promotion and further education examinations, and was then on his way to becoming a Petty Officer.

It seems that George was discharged from Naval service in June 1922 after 12 years service and
by this time he was married to Mary Teresa Spaul
THe marriage certificate of George and Mary Roberts
Their first child was born in April of 1923 and named Thomas William Roberts after his Grandfather but sadly he died very soon after birth and in the same quarter that he was born
in 1923. It now becomes evident that George and Mary had started to plan their emigration to Australia as by 31st. July 1923 he had enlisted in the Australian Navy for a term of 5 years and his trade is listed as Diver. Mary was given an assisted passage by the Australian Naval authorities and whether she travelled out on the same ship as George I don`t know. George`s naval service in both the RN and the RAN are well documented and in total he served 17 years, 12 in the Royal Navy and 5 in the Royal Australian Navy. At some time the family moved from Melbourne to Sydney and I am sure that some day I will be contacted by the family who will fill the gaps in the details of their movements and further details of their life that I have missing.

To be continued
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