HMS Shannon
HMS Shannon 1806'No expressions?can do justice to my brave officers and crew; the calm courage
they displayed during the cannonade, and the tremendous precision of their fire,
could only be equalled by their ardour with which they rushed to the assault.'
Captain Philip Broke of HMS Shannon, 6 June 1813

HMS Shannon was a 38-gun frigate that won immortal fame for her capture of the
USS Chesapeake off Boston in June 1813. Since the 1750s, the term frigate had
described the smaller, faster types of warship used for commerce protection or
raiding, or scouting for the main fleet. They had two decks with the main
armament carried on the upper deck. Completed in 1806, Shannon was a Fifth
Rate 'Leda' class frigate mounting twenty-eight 18-pounder guns, the Royal
Navy's largest type of frigate during the Napoleonic era.

HMS ShannonHMS Shannon. Launched on the 20th September 1906 and commissioned into
the Royal Navy's 5th Cruiser squadron in march 1908 as flagship for the rear
admiral. In April 1909 transferred to the 2nd Cruiser squadron but in December
1909 HMS Shannon was involved in a collision with HMS Prince George in
Portsmouth sustaining damage. Re-commissioned in march 1912 into the 3rd
cruiser Squadron and in 1913 joining 2nd cruiser squadron. on the outbreak of
HMS Shannonworld war one she joined the Grand fleet in August 1914, went into refit in
November 1914 at Cromarty. Took part in the Battle of Jutland, and in November
1916 went to Murmansk. Joined the Atlantic Convoys escorting convoys between
1917- 1918. after the war HMS Shannon was placed in reserve in 1920.
becoming an accommodation ship attached to HMS Actaeon finally paid off and
scrapped 12th December 1922.

The football team from HMS Shannon with their squadron winners cup Shannon football team
1917-1918. pictured right

HMS Shannon crew

Above - crew of HMS Shannon 1917 - 1918