The remains of the old loading jetty at Llanddulas beach


If only some of these old relics of the industrial past could talk! This one would talk of the old sailing ships which came here to load up lime and limestone for building works in other parts of the country and the world. It is the remains of the loading jetty on Llanddulas beach and whilst the structure leading from the land out to sea remains in part, the stone abutments, roads and pathways to it were interupted by the works carried out to stabilise the sea front prior to building the A55 expressway. The remains of the groins either side of the jetty can still be seen, and these would have been placed there as a calming influence for those days when the sea would be rough to facilitate reasonably safe docking of the ships and loading of the vessels. One is able to view this from the cycle track and if lucky a couple of seals will pop up at high water. I think that they tend to sneak behind the wooden stanchions lying in wait for unsuspecting fish.
Below is another casualty of age, and wear and tear, which was the next jetty to be made redundant and I can`t recall when this was but I am sure that someone will enlighten me. It is perhaps a great shame that this structure which I suppose is another casualty of progressive technology and redevelopement of quarrying areas, will be allowed to scar the beach for many years to come before finally succumbing to the forces of nature, and collapsing into the sea.
There is now only one remaining working jetty.

By the way, the white thing in the middle of the picture is not an apparition,. it`s my dog!!

The disused Llanddulas loading jetty

But, although there are no more boats visiting the above jetty there are plenty of other floating objects which have taken up residence. The Cormorants have discovered that it`s the ideal place to gain a bit of privacy to air and dry their wings and an ideal roosting spot before setting off on another fishing trip!

Cormorants roost


The remaining working loading jetty is situated roughly between Penmaenhead and Llanddulas and at coordinates:
lat: 53.2931 - lon: 3.6715.

The remaining working jetty at Llanddulas