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In the following chapters I have attempted to provide my family with a story of the lives of our ancestors and descendants rather than to produce a `Family tree` and to the best of my knowledge the information given is as accurate as the sources from whence it came.
J.K. Rowling has nothing to fear from my literary skills! but I hope the following chapters are at least a little interesting and will give you an insight into the lives of your ancestors who worked so hard so that you could be here now.



This is a Storybook and not a Family Tree as such. Should you wish to view the ancestral and descendancy charts and the many names associated with the Roberts family plus the family photographs then please go to my other website at:

The Tribal Pages

Carte de Visite photographs of the paternal family line


Johannes Roberts and Margaretae the parents of Johannes Roberts



Johannes and Margaretae Roberts - dates unknown

The earliest presumed member of our paternal family is Johannes Roberts 1 who is recorded in the parish records of Llanyblodwel as being married to Margaretae (surname unknown) and they are the recorded parents of Catharina born 1695 and Johannes Roberts 2 born 1699. I say `presumed` because I cannot obtain absolute proof of this other than the fact that he was the only recorded Roberts in the village at that time and the descendancy chart substantiates the claim that Johannes Roberts 1 and Margaretae are most certainly the parents of:

Johannes 2 and Mary Roberts

Johannes Roberts 2 and that he and Mary (unknown maiden name )are the parents of Edward Roberts 1 who is our four times great grandfather. The Llanyblodwel parish records do not start until 1700. Little is known of the family at this point in time other than as I said, Johannes and Mary his wife were the parents of Mary born 1721, Edward born 1723, John born 1726, and William born 1728. Edward Roberts 1723 married Sarah Hughes born 1730 in Oswestry aMarriage bondnd from thereon our story starts to become interesting and full of facts about their lives. Sarahs line can easily be traced back to the 1500`s but lets not get drawn into that at this stage. They had five children namely Edward born 1757, Mary born 1762, Edward born 1764, John born 1765 and Sarah born 1769. The reason for the two Edwards is that the first Edward must have died around 1762 - 1764 and a popular tradition was that the next son would be named the same as the child who had died. So again Edward 1764 is our man as he is the direct line of descent and again we know little about him except that he carried on the same tradition of farming and that he married one Llanrhaedr ym Mochnant ChurchElizabeth Jones from Llanrhaedr ym Mochnant a village just up the road but in the old county of Denbighshire. They were married by licence on the 6th. February 1789.

 There is not much to be told about Edward (1) except that he and his family stayed in the lovely village of Llanyblodwel St. Michaels Church, Llanyblodwel where he was a farmer or yeoman as they were called in those days. Elisabeths parents were Thomas and Catherine Jones who were  farmers. Edward (2) and Elisabeth farmed as tenant farmers in a beautifully preserved farmhouse in the village known as Llan farm which is situated not 50 yards away from the local hostelry, the Horseshoe Inn. The Horseshoe Inn, Llanyblodwel Say no more!
They had six children, Mary 1792-1807, Catherine born 1795, Anne born 1798, Edward born 1801, Sarah born 1803, John born 1807. Edward is (3)
Mary died at fifteen years of age, Catherine married Richard Davies but I have lost track of them, Sarah married Edward Edmunds  a farmer and much older than her. They farmed at Ty Mawr farm, Llansantfraidd ym Mechain. They had no children but her husband had a family of four from a previous marriage. I do suspect that the marriage of Sarah to Edward was cultured for reasons which will become evident later.

Llanyblodwel is one of those bits of Shropshire mainly on the wrong side of Offa's Dyke, to the south west of Oswestry. The village itself is not much more than a handful of houses, an inn and a church, and is probably the smallest settlement in the parish, but it is also by far the most picturesque, and the bridge The Tanat River bridge, Llanyblodwel with the Horseshoes Inn is one of Shropshire's famous scenes. The inn is timber-framed and built in the 16th-century, as was the narrow, three-arched stone bridge which spans the River Tanat. Nearby stands one of Shropshire's most unusual churches which is dedicated to St. Michael. It was built in the mid-19th century to a design by the, then, vicar, John Parker. It has to be seen to be believed! The parish registers begin in 1599. The first entry in the register is January 6th. 1599 – Roger Challinor and Anne Tanat, married. The church has a most unusual all stone spire, square in its construction and was added on at a later date with donations from the parish.
There are many Roberts Christenings, Marriages and Burials in St. Michaels church, Llanyblodwel and Interior of Llanyblodwel church in fact taking into consideration the marriage lines there must be well over 100 in the family tree continuing right through to the 1980`s
The township is split into four areas being Abertanat, Bryn, Llynclys and Blodwel. All of these are a feature in our family history but Bryn, sometime spelt Brynn which was originally the site of a large mansion was the area the Roberts`s lived.

Edward Roberts 1801 son of Edward and Elizabeth is the man we are chasing as he is our Great Great Grandfather. He married Hannah Lewis born in West Felton, Shropshire on March 22nd. 1833. Hannah was born January 24th. 1808 to parents John and Mary Lewis  and she had seven siblings, Sarah, James, Jane, Catherine, William, Edmund and Esther. Take note of these names listed so far as patronymic naming was very prevalent in those times. Edward met Hannah in Llansanfraidd where the family had moved to from West Felton when Hannah was one year old.

I think that Edward (1801) was brought up at Llan farm, Llanyblodwel Llan farm, Llanyblodwel where his parents had moved to at some time from Brynn the small township of Llanyblodwel but at some time after his marriage to Hannah Lewis they arrived at Ty Mawr farm, Llansantfraidd ym Mechain. TyMawr Farm, Llansantfraidd Ty Mawr is a large stock farm built around the middle of the 18th. century of brick and timber beam construction and both the farmhouse and farm buildings remain today much as they would have looked some 250 years ago. In the 1841 census 1841 census for Ty Mawr Edward and Hannah are seen at Ty Mawr with some of the children. With them is Edward Edmunds and Sarah his wife who I mentioned earlier as Edwards sister. See the image of the census enlarged and you will see that Edward Edmunds and his wife Sarah (Edwards sister) are there also. I have the opinion that the farm was tenanted by Edward Edmunds and following his retirement his brother in law Edward Roberts took over the tenancy.

Ten years later in 1851 the family are at Plas Gwyn, Llansantfraidd and are to remain there until Hannah`s retirement in or around 1885.Plas Gwyn is a farm sitting high up on a hill overlooking Llanyblodwel and

Plas Gwyn Farmhouse The barn at Plas Gwyn

comprising 232 acres of meadow and some arable land.

We come now to a chapter which is better documented and more interesting to the family historian.
They had 12 children namely first born John 1834-1909, Edward 1835, Mary Hannah 1837-1911, Sarah Lydia 1839-1841, Thomas 1841-1919 (Ggrandfather), Catherine Elisabeth 1843-1927, Sarah Jane 1845, Ann 1846-1936, William 1848, James 1851, Martha 1853-1938 and her twin Maria 1838-1930.

Edward was a succesful farmer as he was able to send his daughters away to a private school to be educated. The sons of course stayed home to help with the running of the farm. One by one the sons drifted off to make their own way in the farming community.

He had high hopes for his eldest girls, Mary Hannah, Catherine Elisabeth, and Sarah Lydia, and sent them off to a private school in Llansantfraidd where they are seen on the 1851 census for Montgomeryshire. Sons John and Edward (4) assisted on the farm which was a mixture of arable and stock and Thomas our Great Grandfather also worked at home as a youngster.
Plasgwyn Farm, LlansantfraiddPlas Gwyn now the family home for many years to come was a farm of high quality. The land stretched over undulating terrain and overlooks the Tanat river and is to this day very fertile land. The walled garden must have been an outstanding feature and the stone built buildings although now in a poor state of repair would have housed a substantial number of stock. For sale, Plas GwynThe house, brick built, which is a square equal sided construction with slate roof is believed to have been built using hand made bricks from the local brickworks of which the remains may still be seen not more than four hundred yards away from the farm.

Now in 2006 the ancestral home has been sold to be developed and broken up into separate luxury dwellings which I suppose is called progress but to me its the structure of our family history being broken up. But I am fortunate in having been able to save some memories by way of pictures of the original buildings.

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