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Edward and Hannah Roberts
continued -------------
In the previous paragraph I mentioned that Edward Edmunds first wife was Mary Davies who was born in Treflach a parish just outside Llanyblodwel. They were married by bond on the 26th. of September 1777 and had five children, Edward born 1778, Mary -1781, John - 1784-1796, Margaret - 1798, and Jane - 1791-1831.
Edward the first born 1778 was a Solicitor and Coroner for Oswestry and amongst his friends was one Thomas De Quincey the author of `Confessions of an opium eater` so who knows what these two got up to in their spare time!


"If opium-eating be a sensual pleasure, and if I Thomas De Quincey am bound to confess that I have indulged in it to an excess, not yet recorded of any other man, it is no less true, that I have struggled against this fascinating enthralment with a religious zeal, and have, at length, accomplished what I never yet heard attributed to any other man - have untwisted, almost to its final links the accursed chain which fettered me." (from Confessions of an English Opium Eater)

Edward Edmunds children of his first marriage to Mary Davies included one Mary Edmunds 1781 who married John Lewis from Bangor on Dee. One of their children was Hannah Lewis who became our three times great grandmother as a result of her marriage to Edward Roberts the brother of Sarah the second wife of the above Edward Edmunds. I am still trying to work out the relationship between Sarah and Hannah! If anyone can please work it out then do let me know!

Back to the children of Edward and Hannah.

Mary Hannah met and married William Whitfield 1828-1875 a widower and quite a lot older than her. They married in 1860 and had 9 children sadly four of whom died at an early age and the youngest Elizabeth died at age 19. They farmed at Abertanat Hall, LlanyblodwelAbertanat Hall which was a large Tudor mansion situated in the village of Llanyblodwel. Thomas our ggrandfather, who was Mary Hannahs brother, was employed as their Farm Bailiff and lived there with his family in Abertanat Cottage for a number of years as far as I know and I do believe that it is probable that Grandfather Walter Wynn Roberts 1879 - 1965 was born in Abertanat Cottage in the grounds of the Hall.


ThomasRoberts our Great GrandfatherThomas Roberts 1841-1919 was our Great Grandfather. He met Hannah Maria Jones 1834-1929 from Llanfechain who was a young widow and had previously been Williams. They were married at Llansanfraidd in 1867. There are no known children from the previous marriage. Her parents, David and Catherine Jones farmed at Bryncynfelin farm, Llanfechain and Hannah Maria had nine brothers and sisters.Thomas and Hannah Maria`s first born Thomas 1868 was born in Oswestry but from there, in or around 1868, they were the licensees of the Plas yn Dinas Inn at Llanfechain until 1871 when they moved to Llanymynech and at this stage in their lives I am not sure what they were doing or where they were living but by 1881 they were living in Abertanat Cottage, Llanyblodwel where Thomas was employed as Farm Bailiff. They had 9 children. I will return later to talk about our GGGrandfather Thomas Roberts and his family.

Catherine Elisabeth 1843-1927 is seen at 1851 as a student at a Ladies school in Llansanfraidd and at 1881 she is the head teacher at a Ladies school in Virniew Ladies School, LlanymynechLlanymynech where she remained until her retirement. Catherine never married. Following her retirement she went to live with her mother at Tanat House, Llanyblodwel.I can`t quite make out the significance of Tanat house. I don`t think the Roberts`s owned the property which incidentally is a superb Georgian mansion house but were tenants of someone unknown. But Hannah and her daughters lived there for many years following her retirement from Plas Gwyn

Sarah Jane 1845 married Richard Wall in 1866 a farmer from Trefonnen which is a parish quite close to Oswestry. From there there is a mystery about what happened to her husband but Sarah is seen in 1881 as a housekeeper at Sefton Road summer boarding school, Litherland. There is a student at the same establishment called Dorothy Wall so I am assuming that this is Sarah`s daughter.

Ann 1846-1936 never married and we know little more of her other than the fact that she was living with her mother at Tanat House and thereon until her death in 1936.

William born 1848 went to the big city to seek his fortune. Whether he did or not I am unsure! He was probably influenced by the fact that one of brother Johns daughters husband was a Draper from London but the fact remains that William is seen at the 1881 census as a Drapers Assistant in a very large store in Oxford Street, Marelybone, London. He came back to Llanyblodwel to his sister Mary Hannah Whitfields funeral.

Blymhill villageJames born 1851 married brother John`s wife Catherine`s sister Anne Owen. In 1891 they are seen farming at Blymhill, Staffordshire, just down the road from Brineton where John was farming. James and Anne at that time had one daughter Jane and an adopted son Thomas Owen. Unfortunately, James died of a shotgun accident out in the fields. This happened in the February of 1901 and James was aged 50
Martha and Maria were twins and they were born in 1853. Martha died in 1938 and Maria in 1930.Martha remained a spinster and stayed at home with her mother but having said that there is a story that she was the licensee of a public house in Oswestry but not authenticated. What I can tell you is that she enjoyed a bit of the hard stuff!

Robert and Maria EdwardsMaria married Robert Edwards from Llansanfraidd in 1877. On his marriage certificate he is described as Gentleman but family gossip states that he was also a reluctant farmer. They had three children. Mary Edwards a niece of the couple and who shares the same gggrandmother and born in 1923 remembers that Robert died from drinking too much and that Auntie Patty (Martha) had a spell in Morda hospital `drying out`! The Edwards family have a strong bond with the Roberts`s and there is no doubt that they were neighbours who helped each other along the way.
Llwyntidman Mill

Edward the second born took on the tenancy of Llwyntidman Mill, Llanymynech, Shropshire which was a water powered corn mill. He also farmed the land around the mill. He is seen there on the 1881 census with his wife Sarah Maria Edwards born 1830 who was a farmers daughter from Llandrinio, Montgomeryshire, and their five children, Sarah, John, Thomas and Georgina and Sidney but by 1891 they had disappeared from here. I searched for this family for two years and just by chance and the help of the internet I received a letter from a lady in Llandisilio, Shropshire who thought that her grandmother may be related to this lost family of mine. And she was quite correct. I then discovered that Edward had died in a shooting accident sometime around the late 1880`s and his son John George who was at the time studying to be a Veterinary Surgeon was obliged to return home from Edinburgh to take charge of the family farm which was White House farm, Middleton, OswestryWhite House farm, Middleton, near Oswestry. Later, following the death of his father, John George moved the family to a small farm known as Cae Hen in the village of Llandisilio, Montgomeryshire. Sarah Maria is seen in the 1901 census living in Birkenhead with her son Thomas, and Georgina was back in the phsychiatric home. John George Roberts married Elizabeth Jane Wilkinson from Ruyton 11 towns and they had 10 children. ---- But that`s another story and will have to wait it`s turn.Last but by no means least of Edward and Hannah`s children is John Roberts 1834 - 1909

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