Maen yr Hensor


The two large stones in the picture above may be seen only on a very large spring tide at the low water mark and they are reputed to be the stones upon which Rhys a shepherd in the 12th. century used to stand on to blow his horn to gather his sheep. So, one can presume that at some time in the not too distant past the area was not under water but farmland and is therefore evidence of a substantial sea gain on the land of many hundreds of yards. Maen yr Hensor is situated opposite the Llandrillo Church, or straight out from the Rhos on Sea Golf Club.

After a severe Easterly storm a number of years ago when the sand had been scoured away by the immense waves and left the bedrock exposed I personally witnessed the evidence of large tree roots and tree stumps many hundreds of yards out from Rhos Point.

Another rock lays claim to being Rhys the shepherds vantage point for watching over his sheep and this rock is known as Maen Rhys which can still be seen again at the low water mark on a big tide at a point straight out from the road junction of the entrance to Eirias Park. Both prominent stones could easily both be claimed by Rhys as they are less than 1 mile apart!

Maen Rhys near Eirias Park