John Roberts 1881 - 1959 and Jane Hughes 1885 - 1966
The Anglesey Connection
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Ruth was born in Abergwyngregin on May 12th. 1909 and was a twin sister to Maggie. For reasons that no one is absolutely sure about Ruth was adopted into the lives of Thomas Henry and Ruth Williams who were friends and indeed neighbours of John and Jane Roberts who at this time Birthplace of Ruth and Maggiealready had children Mary born 1907 and Tommy born 1908. As far as I am aware, Thomas and Ruth were childless at this time in their lives as the other children, Charlie, Albert and Olwen came later.
I won`t linger here for long as this page of the story is about our Anglesey family who we were fortunate enough to be reunited with around the mid 1940`s due to the fact that Jane our Grandmother had at last been able to find her daughter again. She arrived at the house in Colwyn Bay and re entered her daughters life.

Quite soon us kids were to meet our Anglesey Aunts and Uncles and Cousins but Our Anglesey cousinsmore importantly we were to go on holiday to Anglesey which in those days was the other side of the world! Foundry Crossing, Valley Us kids were were thrilled to be able to go to bed by the light of a parrafin lamp. We had never seen one of those before! And! - the toilet was down the garden! Well, us townies weren`t used to this were we - but we loved every minute of it. A memory for me was the sight of lots of glow worms at night on the side of the railway which ran alongside the cottage. The first house we knew about was at the crossings next to the railway line in Valley as John worked on the railway and this was a railway cottage. The trains thundered past but were soon forgotten about as we became accustomed to them.
Pictured above are: l to r cousin Eira,Keith,Angela, Ruby, Christine, Bruce standing and cousin Gerwyn.(looking miserable!)

John and Jane first born was Mary but sadly she died in 1913. Next to come along was Tommy born 1907 and he eventually married Jennie Thomas and their children Jane Hughes, Grannyare Elfed, Ruth, and Idwal. Ruth and Maggie were the next born but again sadly Maggie died in 1915. Brother John as Ruth used to call him was born next in 1910, he married Nellie and their children are Glenys, Hefin, and Alun, (Hey, these cousins are mounting up!)
Ellen or Nell as we know her was born in Three sisters and their mother1912, married John Williams and their two are Eira and Gerwyn.We always stayed with John and Nell on our holidays and Ruth and Nell became very close.Next is Jennie born 1914 and she married another John Roberts and their daughter is Prydwen. My memory of Jennie is her beautiful singing voice and the fact that she had come back from the big city (London)
Pictured right are Jennie, Ruth, Nell and their mother Jane. The next to arrive was Gruffydd in 1919 and he was known to us as Uncle Griff. He Gruffydd Robertsmarried May and their children are Eifion, John Emlyn, Selwyn, Hazel May, Maureen Ann, Meurig, Anwel and Desiree. I was always fascinated by the picture of Griff that stood on the cabinet in Aunt Nells house which was of him is Army uniform and an inset picture of May which in those days was quite innovative photo technology!!

Tommy, Nell, John, Jennie RobertsMost of Ruth`s Anglesey brothers and sisters lived in Caergeiliog and Isfryn was the family seat where everything appeared to revolve around.My recollection of the dwellings they lived in is cottages in a row with small hedges! It was quite an experience for us Roberts`s from Colwyn Bay as up until the time that we met our Anglesey cousins for the first time we really didn`t meet up with our cousins from the paternal side of Tommy Roberts. the family very often and of course most of them were not yet born.We have the same problem on the maternal line as the Paternal line in that there is an abundance of what can only be described as `common` names. Going back on the ancestry is very difficult in our family because of the large numbers of names such as Roberts, Williams, Hughes, Jones, etc. and Anglesey is no exception.The burden of proof lies too heavy on us to presume any ancestor or descendant and we can (at present go no further back than our grandparents.

John Roberts our Grandfather was born in 1881 in Amlwch to John Roberts and Mary Williams.Mary was also born in Amlwch and her father was John Williams.

John Roberts Grandfathers birth

Jane Hughes our Grandmother was born in Newborough in 1885 and her parents are Thomas Hughes and Mary Griffith.

Jane Hughes Grandmothers birth

Not a lot more I can tell you about the Ancestry of our Anglesey maternal branch of the tree except to say that as soon as I come across any more proven links then the story will continue.

Grandparents John and Jane Roberts

THe Anglesey connection!

Family tree

Llanidan Church where Nain, Taid and the two daughters are buried

Sisters - Jennie, Nell and Ruth

Nain and Taid -  Isfryn

To be continued!

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