John and Catherine Roberts

John Roberts 1834 - 1909 was the first born of Edward and Hannah and following the usual stint of helping his father to run the farm at Plas Gwyn he was ready for marriage and breaking away from the family home to take on a farm of his own. John married Catherine Owen 1856 - 1926 from Llangyniew where her parents John and Jane Owen farmed `Finnant`. Originally they farmed at `Weeg` in Llangyniew which is where Catherine was born. Catherine is a direct descendant of the Jehu`s of Llanfair Caereinion who were Flemish immigrants in the 1500`s.

In the 1881 census they are seen visiting Catherine`s parents at Finnant and this shows that their first two children, John and Maria Jane were born in Llanfechain and the next child Catherine Elizabeth was born in Blymhill, Staffordshire. What they were doing in Llanfechain I do not know but they were farming at `Wrostlers` farm in Blymhill and then a short time later they moved to Muxton Grange, a much bigger farm.

A few years later they moved on to a much bigger farm in Edgmond, Shropshire. This farm,Adeney farm outbuildings Adeney MAdeney Manor farmhouseanor farm was to be their home for the remainder of their lives. Again this appears to have been a major stock rearing farm as were all the farms that the Roberts`s farmed. They must have learned to be good stockmen from their father Edward. John the first born died aged 6 and is buried with his parents in St. Peter`s John and Catherine Roberts gravestone in Edgmondchurch cemetery in Edgmond.

Maria Jane Roberts 1879 - 1968 married Samuel Blackwell Morling and they had two children that I know of - Kathleen Joyce Morling and William Peach Morling. Catherine Elizabeth was the next born - 1881 - 1932 and she married Catherine_Hussey_nee robertsJack Hussey. They lived in Crowborough, Sussex but are buried in St. Peters, Edgmond so it appears that they may have retiurned at some time in their lives to live in Edgmond. Jack Hussey was a draper by trade and I have an idea he may have influenced Thomas`s son William in his choice of occupation as he ended up in London as a draper.

St. Peters church, EdgmondHannah Mary 1883 - 1970 was the next child and born at Wrostlers farm and all I know about her is that she married George Hull a farmers son from Lilleshall, Shropshire. They were married on August 19th. 1914 and George was a forester to the Duke of Sutherland. There are two children that I am aware of and they are John Francis Hull born in 1916 and Joan Margaret Hull born 1920. They were both born at Muxton Grange so it does appear that by this time they were running this farm and also according to the census mother Catherine was living in retirement with them.

John Edward Roberts 1884 - 1944 the next son married Doris Beetlestone and the one child I know of is Christine Roberts and she married Brian Biddulph. John was farming at Adeney Manor farm in 1926 which was his parents old home. John died in 1944 aged 59.

William Ernest Roberts was born in 1887 and married Edith Shropshire the daughter of Frank Shropshire a farmer and butcher from Edgmond. The marriage took place in St. Peters church on April 27th. 1920. Ediths sisters Ruby (I have heard that name somewhere before) and Julia Shropshire were present at the wedding. William eventually farmed Bayley Hills farm of around 100 acres. The farm is no longer in existence but there is a housing estate bearing its name. The only recorded children I have for William and Edith at present are Catherine Edith Roberts and Barbara Mary Roberts, and Owen Roberts born 1922. Catherine married Richard Tannat Goucher a farmer from Rockingham, Market Harborough and Barbara married Nick Jacob Nielsen from Donnington. Donnington was a military base so I am presuming that he was a serving soldier. William died in 1972 aged 85. He is buried with his wife Edith in St. Peters, Edgmond

Owen Roberts Owen and Kathleen Roberts married Jean Lyons and their children are Susan and John Roberts, and in the attached picture are Owen Roberts and with him is Kathleen Roberts his cousin the daughter of brother Dennis Stanley Roberts.

Alan James Roberts died as an infant.

Thomas Glyn Roberts 1891 - 1963 married Doreen Gray and the one child I know of is Kay Roberts who married Bill Andrews.

Ethel Nora Annie Roberts 1893 - 1983 married Frank Hornby a farmer and their children are Patricia Joan, John Francis and Dorothy Hornby. I have met Dorothy on a couple of occasions and she is a fourth cousin ie; we share the same Great Great Grandfather, Edward Roberts. Dorothy lives in Albrighton, Shropshire.

Frank Hornby is to be seen at New Lodge farm in 1951 (ref: Kelly`s directory). Ethel died in 1983 aged 90

Dennis Stanley Roberts (that name is familiar!) 1896 - 1975 married Margaret Eva Corbett and their children are Alan James, Isobel and Kathleen Roberts. Dennis and Margaret farmed Longhill farm, Tamworth. Dennis died in 1975 aged 75.

Dennis Stanley Roberts

Dennis Stanley Roberts

Margaret Eva Corbett

Margaret Eva Corbett

Dorothy Hornby and Cousins

Dorothy Parry nee Hornby(in all red) and cousins

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Edward Roberts and Sarah Maria Edwards

Edward Roberts 1835 - 1890 brother of John above and of our Great Grandfather Thomas Roberts, Edward was the first to leave the nest and to branch out on his own. He married Sarah Maria Edwards a farmers daughter from the village of Llandrinio in Montgomeryshire. The first we see of them is on the 1871 census where he is a miller and farmer at Llwyntidman mill in Llanymynech and then later on at White house farm, Middleton, near Oswestry. This is where he had the shooting accident. They had four children, John George, Georgina, Thomas and Sidney. Georgina was an inmate of various instiutions for the mentally handicapped through her life. Sidney went on to be a silks buyer and the story that he emigrated to Canada and then returned is not authenticated with any real proof but he is seen on the 1901 census as a silks buyer in London. Thomas is only seen living with his widowed mother Sarah living in Birkenhead in 1901. John George carried on the family tradition of farming and following the death of his father he had to return from his studies as a veterinary student to run the farm. Later he and his family are seen at Cae Hen farm, Llandisilio, Shropshire with his wife Elisabeth Jane Wilkinson born 1871 in Ruyton 11 towns.

Their children: Sarah Gladys 1894, John Norman 1895, Mary 1896, Stanley Edward 1897, Hilda Annie 1899, (Hilda Annie married Robert Victor Downes from Haughton Hall, Llandrinio and a daughter Beryl Downes has been in contact with me and I am grateful for the information on the family that she passed on to me.) Evelyn Doris 1902, Kenneth George Oswald 1905, Marjorie Helen 1905, and the last two with no details, Cicely and Alison. Quite a brood.

Hilda Annie Roberts

Hilda Annie Roberts

John Norman Roberts

John Norman Roberts

Mary Hannah Roberts and William Whitfield

Mary Hannah

Mary Hannah Roberts is Thomas our great grandfathers older sister and she was born in 1837 which is the same year as me only 100 years before! As I mentioned earlier, she was sent to a private girls school in Llansantfraidd along with her two sisters. This was very unusual in those days so Edward must have had a few pennies to be able to afford to send the three of them to the same school at the same time. His foresight paid off as they all married well as will be revealed. Mary Hannah married William Whitfield in 1860 at St. Michaels church Llanyblodwel. William who was thirteen years older than her first farmed at Pentrecefn and four years later moved to Abertanat hall, Llanyblodwel. They had nine children, Martha born 1861, Maria Jane 1864, Edward Allen 1865, Mary Hannah 1867, Annie Louisa 1869, William Alfred 1870, Rose Ellen 1872, John Whitley 1874 and Elizabeth born 1875.

William Whitfield was the son of Allen and Martha Whitfield of Lloran Isa farm, Llansilin, Denbighshire.

He was one of 16 children. The Whitfield family feature quite strongly in our Roberts ancestry and of course the name appears again 100 or so years later. William died in the same year that daughter Elizabeth was born, leaving behind a young widow to raise her family. She remained at Abertanat hall which was then quite a palatial Georgian mansion nestling in the Tanat valley. A large farm with substantial farm buildings and a total of 293 acres of mostly arable land. She employed 6 men and a boy on the farm. Here are some of the family at 1881:

            Dwelling:           Abertanat Hall
            Census Place:   Llanyblodwell, Shropshire, England
                        Marr      Age      Sex      Birthplace
Mary H. WHITFIELD       W         42         F          Llansaintffraid, Montgomery, Wales
            Rel:      Head
            Occ:     Farmer 293 Acres Employing 6 men & 1 boy
Martha WHITFIELD        U          20         F          Llansilin, Denbigh, Wales
            Rel:      Daur
            Occ:     -
Elizabeth WHITFIELD                5          F          Llanyblodwell, Shropshire, England
            Rel:      Daur
Mary LEWIS      W         62         F          Bangor, Flint, Wales
            Rel:      Aunt
            Occ:     Annuitant

 With the family in 1881 is seen Mary Lewis an Aunt and Annuitant who`s birthplace is given as Bangor, Flint, Wales. I am certain that this lady must be Mary Lewis our Great Great Great grandmother.

First born of Mary Hannah and William Whitfield is Martha and she married John Walter Ward a 41 year old widower when she was 24. John Walters father was Edward Ward from Blodwel Hall home of the Ward`sBlodwel Hall, again an impressive dwelling perched high on the hill above Llanyblodwel.
They were married on April 7th. 1885 and the witnesses to the marriage were Edward Allen and Maria her brother and sister. William had three children to his previous marriage to Eleanor Newell who died in 1883 aged 52. John and Martha had 6 children.
John`s first wife Eleanor was ill for a number of years before her death and he had The summer house at Blodwel Hall built a very impressive sandstone summer house to the side of the main lawn of the hall in order that she might sit there and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
By the time of his marriage to Martha, John had taken over residency at Blodwel Hall which had been tenanted by the family for over a hundred years.

Their children were, Florence Hannah May born 1890, Martha Emily b?, died 1893, Elisabeth Gertrude b 1891, Alice Ruth 1892, John Edward Whitfield 1895, and William Walter Whitfield 1898.
Florence Hannah married Charles Althestan Hamer 1875-1932 who is the son of Charles Herbert Althestan Hamer and younger brother of John Parry Hamer of Glanyrafon Hall, Llanyblodwel. Glanyrafon was the largest estate in Llanyblodwel and JP Hamer was possibly the largest landowner in the area.
I have transcribed some history of the Hamers from some manuscripts and deeds deposited with the Library of Wales at Aberystwyth. – if interested read on

I have no recorded children for Florence Hannah and Charles Hamer.

Martha Emily Ward died in 1893. I have no record of marriage for either Elisabeth Gertrude or Alice Ruth Ward.
Maria Jane Whitfield born 1864 married John Jebb Ellis born 1864.  Now there`s a name to conjure up visions of the Waltons. Hi John Jebb!  John was the son of Maurice Ellis and Sarah Bryn y Groes FarmJebb from Bryn y Groes farm, Llanyblodwel. John Jebbs three siblings were Mary Ann, Sarah, and Jane Ellis. I have recorded four children for John and Florence, namely, William Maurice, Elisabeth Whitfield 1894, Annie Marie Rosalie 1892, and John Jebb 1896.
John Jebb Ellis 1864 was a leading figure in the life of the community of Llanyblodwel. He was a churchwarden, a member of the village council and manager of the schools. He farmed Bryn y Groes farm, and the farmhouse and buildings are prominent at the side of the road approaching the turn off to the village. He died in 1917
Son William Maurice married May? And recorded children I have for the couple are, William Ellis 1922, Ernest Walter Ellis 1926, and John Ellis 1928.
Anne Marie Rosalie Ellis 1892 married Victor John Edwards and they lived in Oswestry. Victor is the son of Robert and Maria Edwards (nee Roberts- Thomas ggrandfathers sister).