George Walker and Emma Slaney
part of the Walker tree

George Walker born in Market Drayton in 1840 the son of William Walker born 1805 is our Great Grandfather on the Maternal line in the family tree. He was one of 8 children born to William Walker and Sarah Nevit,(see above). George was a gardener and agricultural labourer. He met and married Emma Slaney the daughter of William Slaney and Eliza Cork from Whitchurch. They were married in 1869.

George and Emma Walker

They started off their married life living next to the Lord Hill Inn in Drayton and then by 1881 they had moved to Church Back lane and 2, Simons Road, Little Draytonfrom there to No. 2, Simons rd, Little Drayton where they stayed for the rest of their lives. George died in 1914 and Emma died in 1936. I think that both are buried in the municipal cemetery in Drayton but in an unmarked grave as I have not been able to trace their burials.
They had 11 children and I will now try to tell you all I know about this side of the family. George was the first born in 1870 and he married Jessie Morrey and only the one child I know of is Gertrude Jessie Walker born c1902
William born next in 1872 followed by Ralph in 1873. Ralph married Sarah Ann Bennion and up to the present I have not been able to record any children for Drayton market daythem.Herbert Henry born 1875 is next and he married Elisabeth Blagg born 1878 in Market Drayton. They had children Mabel 1900, Kathleen 1909 and Dorothy Eileen born 1914. Philip next born 1877 and then Frank Walker in 1879 who we have a little more information about! Frank married Lizzie Simpson born 1882 and at present there are three children, Bertha born 1904, Thomas born 1908 and Hilda born 1910. Now I stand to be corrected on this but I seem to recall that Bertha and Hilda Walker were the two Great Aunts who visited Aunt Olive in Llandudno on a number of occasions.
Lizzie Jane was born next and she must have quite a story to tell as following the birth of a son Cyril in 1907 she disappears from the records. Cyril was raised by The Shroppie Fly pub and Audlem canalhis Grandparents, George and Emma and he eventually married Gwendoline Olive Pye 1913 - 1993 and their children are Christine Anne, Diane Margaret, Peter Alban, and Arnold John. Peter Walker has been researching his Walker and Pye sides of his family tree so we have been able to swop lots of good information.
As I was saying, Lizzie Jane disappeared but at last we are catching up with her as it has now been discovered that she married one Charles William West in 1913 in Tonbridge, Kent and they had at least three children so Peter is now looking forward to tracing his newly found extended family. Next in line is our Grandmother Agnes Emma Walker born in 1882 and she was born in
Shrewsbury Road, Drayton. In the 1901 census she is seen in service as a domestic with a family from Drayton and then the next we see of her is when she married Walter Wynn Roberts our Grandfather.Birth certificate

The next in line is Amos born 1885 and he married Edith Jones. Not sure how many children they had but I do know that the wife of one of them is living behind the old bakery in Shropshire Street which at one time the Walker family had some Gt Uncle Albans house in Audleminvolvement with. Alban Walker is next born in 1887 and I do know a little about this gent as he visited us at our home in Colwyn Bay on a couple of occasions. Alban had a built up boot to compensate for a shortness in one leg, he never married and for a time he lived with his brother Fred and family. I recall visiting him in Audlem somewhere around the mid forties on a family day out.
Fred came next and he went to live in Audlem to work for a family called Hants as a stable man. Fred married Edith Holland born 1889. Edith was born in Betton but the family had moved to Drayton by the time she was married. Fred and Edith had eight children and they rented a house called `Green Lane House` for many years. John Douglas was the first born 1920 followed by Leonard George in 1921. Leonard was killed on 30th. March 1944 in WW2 whilst serving on HMS Laforey. He was 21 years old. He is remembered on the Chatham Green Lane House, Audlem Naval Memorial. Sadly Fred died the following year due to a railway accident. His occupation by this time was a lengthman on the railway and he was hit by a railway engine which was reversing. Edith died in 1948.
Going back to the children, the next born was Philip Raymond Walker 1923 and he bought the house that Fred and Edith had rented and the two families plus Alban lived there. Raymond Slaney Walker born 1925 was next and I have other children list as Joan Edith Walker, Doreen, Pamela, and Angelia and one other but no more detail on the last four.
I have skipped one child who was Ruth born 1889 and for good reason if only to emphasise a bit of an anomaly! Ruth married George Preen born 1890 a ships Fred, Edith, Leonard Walker memorialbutcher by trade and from Liverpool in 1921 in Market Drayton.They had a daughter named Joan who was born in 1922. Ruth died very soon after childbirth and Walter Wynn and Agnes Emma adopted the little girl and brought her up as their own with sisters Olive and Queenie and brother Stanley. We knew our Aunt as Trixie.
The anomaly: Whilst checking the parish registers for Christ Church, Market Drayton I came across a birth detail which was Leonard George born 1921, parents George and Ruth Preen and yet the said Leonard George was brought up as the son of Fred and Edith. Could it be that the register was correct and that Joan had a brother or could the vicar have mistakenly written down their names as the Godparents perhaps? Will I ever find out the truth!

The Walkers are an interesting family and a great pity that we never knew our Grandmother Agnes Emma as she died before any of us were born and never a word was spoken of her. At this date - Sep 2006 there are some interesting facts emerging about some of the Walkers and their marriage lines - George and Jessie Walkers family, Peter Walkers extended family including his four half brothers only just found, George Preens family, and the Holland family. As soon as I have some of these sorted out I will display them for all to see. Some day many more facts will emerge about our maternal Walker branch of the tree but for the moment I shall close this page.

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