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WelcomeTake a trip through my town of Colwyn Bay from late Victorian times through Edwardian and Georgian through to the early Elizabethan era. Hey! thats four generations of monarchs.

Colwyn Bay PierColwyn Bay `grew up` with the advent of the steam train which brought with it industry, commerce, tourism and most importantly - people. Lovely Colwyn Bay, I have seen it change so dramatically over the years and would like to share my memories with you.

Follow me on this trip through the town in pictures and relive it`s earlier years through the eyes of those past photographers. I won`t apologise for slipping over into the 30`s, 40`s, 50`s, and 60`s now and again! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images and then return to the thumbnails via the back button on your browser. There are 150 views of the town and surrounding villages so off you go, what are you waiting for!


Digging for roots

Do you know who

Edward Roberts 1801 - 1878Where he came from, where he was born, where he lived, how many children he had, where he is buried? Not a lot of people do know, but it`s so easy to find out these details via the internet these days from the comfort of your own desktop and it`s no great task to go back in time to discover fascinating details about your ancestors via my Genealogy Tutorial. In this you wSkeletons in the Cupboardill discover lots of valuable tools to help you get started on this fascinating journey. Let me show you lots of tips and tricks to help you to use the super facilities now available to the amateur genealogist and family history researcher. Find cousins you never knew you had and with family likeness too. Discover who you are and how the genes of yesteryear may have affected how you live your life today. You will be surprised at what you might find out. Skeletons in the cupboard? So what! They are skeletons after all and may add a bit of spice to your story.

The 1841 census

The 1841 censusThe 1841 census was more or less the first major compulsory census to be of any use to the Family History researcher as it gave details such as name, age, occupation, whether born in the county or not, and listed members of the family and sometimes name of dwelling.

See some interesting facts about the make up of the population of Colwyn Bay in my transcribed copies of the 1841 census for Colwyn within the parish of Llandrillo yn Rhos. Is your ancestor living in one of the very few dwellings that were to make up what was in fact quite a small parish? Included are the townships of Eirias, Llysfaen, Penmaen, Llwydcoed, Cilgwyn, Rhiw, Mochdre and Dinerth. As these are taken as transcripts from the copies of the original enumerators census details and as these were most times written in pencil there is often fading of some names and I apologise for this. --------- NEW --------- Llanddulas

My Roberts`s

Grandparents John and Jane RobertsI started researching my own Roberts Family History about eight years ago and I am still on that journey back in time. This section of my website is primarily for the interest of my own family members but I cordially invite you to come with me and meet Family Treesome of my ancestors. Quite a mixed bunch really and the paternal line are traditionally from a farming background with their roots in the Montgomeryshire/Shropshire marches area of Wales with Grandfather moving with his family to Llanystumdwy in 1891 then Liverpool to work and marry and then to Conwy in the 1920`s. The maternal line are from Anglesey right through the nineteenth century and probably a lot further back than that. Johannes Roberts born 1699 is the furthest we can go back on our paternal ancestry for the time being as the parish records which log our ancestral journey don`t go back further than this. However, lots of interesting characters, events, village properties to look at.

Where is that

GremlinLots of these architectural legacies around Colwyn Bay, but where are they? How observant are you. In the following pages I have over 50 of these artefacts to show you and they are all situated around Colwyn Bay and Old Colwyn. They range from chaps like him left , foundation stones, clocks, ironwork, sandstone carvings, etc., and they are all over 100 years old and still going strong. How many can you identify? Come with me and I will show you some superb workmanship carried out by the Victorian masons, the wrought iron men, the brickmakers, and the sculptors.

Without giving too much away, if you are as old as me then you will perhaps remember the original shops these carvings, plaques, figures etc. were situated over and maybe even the proprietors of those shops around the 50`s. If you remember some detail that I haven`t then do let me know . Go on then, have a look at what you don`t know about your home town or the town you work in! I reckon that a score of 5 out of fifty will be quite impressive ! I will forgive you if you can`t recognise most of them because I certainly didn`t until I started taking the photographs! BUT -- if you can`t recognise any of them all I can say is - you should have gone to Specsavers!!

If you have any issues with the content of this website or any question, be it genealogy, postcard and/or scanned images, my family history pages, or the census then please do contact me


If you are researching your family history and seem to be stuck on something or have come across a `brick wall` as it is termed in the trade! then do get in touch as I may be able to help you get going again. Give me as much detail as you possibly can think of about the person you are searching for which you think may help in tracing him/her/them. It`s very often a re think or fresh approach to the problem that will help to break down that barrier.

If you don`t have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed then download it here as you will require it to read a couple of pdf files.

Mrs. Hoots, a member of the family Roberts.

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